T-minus 7 days!

The updates outside of the Something Awful forums have been neglected for too long. There is exactly one week left until we leave for Tofino, BC.

Team Cool Ranch are the first to complete their vehicle. All maintenance has been completed which included oil, plugs, new front brakes including wheel bearings as well as new rear shocks. They have also successfully swapped all of the damaged SA bodywork up front for relatively clean & straight FB bodywork. Their gallery has been updated with recent pictures. As one of the team members has put it. - "This is the nicest car to drive that I own right now."

Team Hellica has been attacking their Celica with a some serious effort in order to rectify the damage done by the previous owner. Some serious maintenance has been completed. New axles, new struts, new timing belt. The list goes on and on. At this point they could tackle the trip no problem but there supposedly is a PA system in the works and they've been hinting at other shenanigans as well.

Team Sweet Chili Heat is technically ready, however there are still a few little things left to complete the "look". Those being wiring up the roof basket light bar as well as covering all the cracks in the dashboard with fake suede.

Both Edmonton Teams plan on leaving for Hellica HQ on July 16 where the last day will no doubt be spent furiously wrenching as well as completing a dry run of all the camping that will be happening for the coming week.