Sweet Chili Heat Update

More images have been added to the gallery.

Text taken from the original SA:AI update post:

"The entire car needs a serious detailing. Then it's on to tackling the rust with Coroseal and Noxudol 900. Followed by wrapping the whole thing in brushed aluminium vinyl among other things.

The engine bay needs a proper once over including the engine itself - there a many many dodgy "temporary" vacuum leak fixes just to get the car running enough to drive it back. All stemming from the rats nest removal / Air pump removal. Such as the wheel stud RTV'd into the intake manifold air control valve port.

The keen eyed readers might have noticed a different hood on the car. One that is in worse shape. Sadly the car made an acquaintance with the shop ceiling while on the hoist with the hood up. Carelessness/urgency on both mine and the shop owners behalf. He is trying to source us a FB hood with a T2 hood scoop..."

"The muffler fell off of it's sole shoddy mount on the way back home. It will soon be replaced with the Magnaflow and better mounts. Hopefully that will prevent it from sounding like a very very pissed off Kazoo.

The brakes aren't great but they do stop the car from 120km/h. Will bleed entire system and revisit. Parts car has better looking booster and master cylinder.

The eBay special Russian Domestic Market fender flares fit perfectly. (Once we remove the awful body mouldings.)
We now need to find wheel spacers. Ideally 2.5" wide in 4x110.

Parts not pictured and in our possession: Miata short shifter & rebranded Curt roof basket.
Parts not pictured and in the mail: Delrin engine mounts, Delrin transmission mounts, chrome JDM fender mirrors, NRG neochrome & wood medium dish 350mm steering wheel (we have that Momo hub from the first parts cache purchase).

Total spent on the car all in - that includes tires, safety, everything technically excluded: $900
Parts car value (seriously low-balled): $500..."