Points Penalties:

  • AWD / 4x4 -100pts
  • Automatic Transmissions (Excluding shift kits) -100pts
  • Over price limit : -1 point per $1 over budget

Points Bonus:

  • RWD + 100pts
  • Forced Induction (including chemical supercharging) +100pts
  • Engine cylinder count > 6 +50pts
  • Rolled back or non-functional odometer (should you end up with a proper FOB JDM whip) +50pts
  • Fire (any source outside of the actual engine combustion chamber) +50pts
  • Doors of vehicle > 5 +50pts
  • Non-traditional door hinges (lambo, suicide, scissor) +25pts
  • "Exotic" aka anything British for instance +100pts
  • Best / Most Heroic fix +250pts
  • Endo / Wheelie ability - actual daylight under 2+ wheels +100pts
  • Cross family engine swaps +250pts
  • PA systems +25pts
  • Home made aero (Points penalty should it not survive the entire trip) +50pts
  • Convertibles +100pts
  • Scoops (hood/roof/etc) as long as they're functional +50pts/per
  • Under price limit: +1 point per $1 under budget


  • Initial / Pre-Trip ( May 14, 2016 )
    1. Drag Race
    2. Auto-X
    3. 0-100-0 (in km/h you heathens)
    This is the cut off date for each team to have their vehicle to a point they consider drivable and should provide enough stress for a decent shake down run prior to the actual rally.
  • Ongoing
    1. Ricer fly bys +- 10pts
    2. New permanent decorations done to other teams vehicle (max $50) +50pts
    3. Complete conversation with trucker over CB using only F&F quotes (recorded) +100pts
    4. Survived down-town Vancouver during rush hour +100pts
    5. Fastest to navigate down-town Vancouver during rush hour +100pts
    6. Most attention (with picture evidence) from the opposite sex +100pts - HAHAHA - who are we kidding
    7. Most attention (with picture evidence) from the same sex +-100pts?
    8. Something Awfuls Automotive Insanities suggestions
  • End Challenges
    1. decibel of vehicle (loudest / quietest) - Alberta Traffic Act will be references and duplicated in regards to testing procedure +50pts (25pts for second place)
    2. Most oil consumed over rally +25pts
    3. Most / least fuel consumed over rally (volume) +25pts
    4. Most all other fluids consumed (coolant, trans fluid, brake fluid, etc) +25pts
    5. Bridesmaids favourite +250pts
    6. Post rally sale (deadline is day of wedding) - +1 point for every dollar over total spent (including cosmetics & safety items)

A trophy (possibly a custom WWE style belt) will be issued to the winning team at the wedding.