• $1000CAD maximum vehicle purchase price
  • Following items excluded from vehicle budget
    1. Steering components
    2. Brakes
    3. Tires
    4. Lights
    5. Horns
    6. Cosmetics - There should be a theme after all and who am I to deny the team who wants to spruce up their chariot with leopard print vinyl, airbrush murals features naked men/women and dragons and/or spikes a la Mad Max.
    7. Registration / Insurance
    8. Front tow hooks
  • No vehicle type limitations - If you find a limo or under $1k, fantastic!
  • Dashcams mandatory for each vehicle.

Safety Equipment
All safety equipment will be split up between each team so that between all of us we have everything on the list

  • Jack / Hi-lift
  • Jack stands
  • Vehicle tool kit
  • Jerry cans of fuel (4x)
  • 12V air compressor
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Safety triangle / road flare
  • First aid kit
  • Tire repair kit / slime
  • CB Radios - one for each vehicle
  • Water - both potable and de-ionized