I'm getting married in September and because I'm not exactly sane I've decided that my bachelor party should be an unholy abomination comprised of a Top Gear cheap car challenge, an episode of Roadkill and The Smoking Tires All cars go to heaven.
I have been planning this in my head since October 2015.

The content of this entire site was taken from my original post on the Something Awful forums (Automotive Insanity) -  January 31, 2016.

Yours truly and five friends. Split up very loosely into three two man teams.

It's a Shitbox™ Road Rally where the vehicles cannot cost more than $1000CAD.

July 15, 2016 +- 2 weeks

The route is Calgary, AB to Tofino, BC and back in 7 days. Taking all of the best driving roads in Alberta/British Columbia.

Why the fuck not?